News-Gazette highlights FlipWord

Category : Features
Posted on: June 23, 2015

Research Park tenant FlipWord is making waves with their language-learning software. FlipWord, an extension for Google Chrome, lets users to browse the web while simultaneously translating some words to create a passive language-learning experience. 

Writes the News-Gazette: “When the product is ready for purchase — which Reese hopes will be by the end of this summer — users will be able to download the software onto their Google Chrome Web browsers. They will then select which language they wish to learn, and which language they are native in. There are currently around 60 languages to choose from. As users visit any Web page, a few highlighted words in the new language will periodically appear. Depending on the user’s mode of input, he or she can then hover over a word with the cursor or click on it to hear it and see its translation.”

FlipWord won the $15,000 first prize in this year’s Cozad New Venture Challenge, a startup competition hosted by the Technology Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Illinois.