New Research Park Companies at EnterpriseWorks

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Posted on: August 2, 2010

Illumia Corporation is a new safety and risk consulting business that provides Safety Culture measurement services. The team’s work in this area began in the mid 1990s and grew with the assistance of grants to the University of Illinois from the Federal Aviation Administration and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, to develop tools to measure the culture of safety and risk and apply them in distributed environments. Initial clients are commercial aviation operators. Illumia will develop an online delivery system to provide survey services. The company is lead by Dr. Terry von Thaden from the College of Aviation, she is an internationally recognized aviation expert whom developed the SCISMS safety evaluation survey tool. The COO is Nancy Mason, she has 25+ years experience in emergency services, was the former Program Director for Hazardous Materials & Terrorism at IFSI, and her work institutionalized hazardous materials and terrorism training programs for State of Illinois. The CIO is Brent Fegley with experience in relational data warehouse application development. Illumia will be located in Suites 230 and Suite 230-1. 

Yottaclick uses robust highly scalable technologies to track Twitter information, classify users, and provide advertisers and publishers the opportunity to target users based on real time preferences. 
Yottaclick helps advertisers by: categorizing Twitter users based on their real-time preferences; aggregating user data across multiple dimensions – user profile, past tweets, shared URL’s – to deliver targeted advertising; leveraging the power of natural language processing to understand what users really want; and tracking shifts in user demographics to customize features or content. Yottaclick was originally developed by University of Illinois students, with support from IllinoisVENTURES. The company has now hired an experienced executive level management team to take the company to next stage. Yottaclick will be located in Suite 128. 

Frequent Browser is a loyalty network that rewards people for what they do on the internet. Our members earn points as they browse partner websites, and our partners benefit from having more visitors. Using their patent-pending SplitSource™ Rewards technology, members earn points seamlessly and securely when they browse partner websites. Members redeem their points for rewards such as access to premium online content. The company is founded by two recent University of Illinois law student gradates. Brian Doxey had prior experience working at and Dave Sargent is a co-founder of StudyBlue, Inc. a successful startup for online study tools. Frequent Browser launched their website this week at . Frequent Browser will be located in Suite 216.