NASA Announces SBIR Phase II Award Projects: Cbana Labs Selected

Category : Investments
Posted on: November 1, 2010

NASA announced on 10/18/10 that they selected 215 proposals for Phase II contract awards in the SBIR program. The selected projects have a total value of approximately $129 million. Cbana was awarded for their proposal to design a new micro-gas chromatograph (microGC) system to separate and detect contaminants in spacecraft using cabin air as the carrier gas, and to integrate the entire system to maximize the detection of the contaminants with high-sensitivity and accuracy. The devices will increase the number of contaminants that can be detected now and lower the need for unstable reagents or calibration mixtures. The microGCs have a wealth of potential commercial opportunities. Examples include: indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring and remediation, industrial pollution containment and elimination, narcotics detection, cargo monitoring, explosives detection, and lung cancer screening. Cbana Labs is located in EnterpriseWorks in the Research Park.