Mesh++ raises $4.9M to support its mission

Category : Features
Posted on: October 27, 2021

Mesh++, a startup that graduated from EnterpriseWorks, announced this week it has raised $4.9 million to bring internet connectivity to rural and underserved communities. 

Founder Danny Gardner started the company while he was a senior at the University of Illinois, and leveraged many of the resources available through the University of Illinois ecosystem. The company is now based in Chicago.

Mesh++ routers are shared connectivity. Once plugged in, they look for other nearby routers to connect with and share internet connectivity across the mesh network. 

Mesh++ teamed up with investors Lateral Capital, Anorak Ventures, First Leaf Capital, SOSV, GAN Ventures, TechNexus, and Illinois Ventures to raise the $4.9 million to connect the world more than ever. Fundraising with customers and distributors to connect people and get the product out there has opened doors for Mesh++ to ensure that every home in the U.S. has internet connections. 

As Mesh++ works with its customers and distributors to raise money, it is continuing to grow throughout the U.S. and become more well-known. 

“The fundraising marks a major shift in the company, from a pure R&D-driven company over the past few years, and towards focusing more on sales, and turning the company into a more mature organization,” says Mesh++’s CEO Danny Gardner. “The fundraising unlocks us being able to partner with customers and distributors to connect as many people as possible, and to get the product out there.”

Mesh++ continues to serve its market of rural communities with little to no internet access, giving them internet connectivity with the help of raised money to bring this mission to life.