Kingsley Osei-Asibey Explains Illini Football Data at Big Data Summit

Category : Research Park
Posted on: November 18, 2019

Kingsley Osei-Asibey, Illini’s Director of Analytics and Football Technology, spoke with Laura Bleill, Director of Communications and External Engagement of the Research Park, during the Fireside Chat of Big Data Summit 2019 on November 12. He “looks at more than 280 data points in every single play of a football game and analyzes them to detect tendencies in the opposing team,” Ben Zigterman wrote for The News Gazette, and he noted that Osei-Asibey “creates dashboards with a software program called Tableau and works with coaches to prepare the football team for each week’s opponent.”

Osei-Asibey started as an IT manager after his undergraduate degree and proceeded to work with the Chicago Bears alongside Lovie Smith. He moved with Smith to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and then to the Illini. “Sometimes there’s small things that the data is telling you, and they can overlook it. Whether we win or lose, I know that I did my part to help them prepare for the game,” he explained.

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