Julian Sanchez of John Deere Featured in Wired In Column

Category : Features
Posted on: July 25, 2016

CHAMPAIGN – Paul Wood of the News Gazette highlighted Julian Sanchez of John Deere in the Wired In column this week. The Wired In column is meant to spotlight a local high tech leader – often a startup from Research Park.

Julian Sanchez, director of the John Deere Technology Center, has helped develop the MowerPlus smartphone app that records your mow, your path and your speed. Sanchez and his colleagues were inspired by Fitbit’s ability to track data for personal health. 

He attributes much of the success to his student interns, saying “The students bring energy, creativity and sometimes a useful naive perspective. They haven’t been trained yet to see complexity. They’re able to solve problems for you very quickly early on.”

To read more, read the Wired-In column.