Illinois AgTech Industry Featured on Campus Technology

Category : Features
Posted on: February 24, 2017

Laura Frerichs, the Director of Research Park and Director of Economic Development at UIUC, was interviewed by Campus Technology this week. As one of the biggest argicultural colleges in the world, Frerichs recognizes that the AgTech environement at UIUC stands apart from the rest through the strong engineering and computing reputation at the university, as well as its long legacy in agriculture. With 600 students working at Research Park, both students and professionals aid in the growing success of AgTech on campus. Frerichs explains, “You can lookout the windows of any of the offices here and you’re still looking at farmland that is being actively tilled and farmed and that’s important for the companies that are making advances in AgTech.” These assets, along with new facilities and technologies, allow researchers and companies to connect with growers and understand agronomy.

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