Farmers Risk is now HarvestIQ

Categories : EnterpriseWorks, Research Park
Posted on: December 1, 2023
HarvestIQ/Farmers Risk receiving Moore Prize
Farmer’s Risk Awarded Farmers Risk Awarded 2023 Edwin Moore Family Agriculture Innovation Prize

EnterpriseWorks startup Farmers Risk is now known as HarvestIQ.

The company is expanding its software suite to include livestock-centric features that help people navigate the nuanced ownership and marketing structures in livestock production. Additionally, it enhances the user experience by enabling the in-platform execution of Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) trades and USDA insurance positions.

HarvestIQ is an early-stage startup focused on helping farmers improve their risk management. It does this by building tools to help farmers more effectively market their grain, buy crop insurance, hedge their crops, and improve their overall revenue decision-making. In a nutshell, HarvestIQ builds tools for farmers to understand, manage, and execute their risk management strategies around turning a crop into cash.

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