Faculty With EnterpriseWorks Ties Featured in ChicagoInno

Category : Features
Posted on: December 19, 2016

ChicagoInno mentioned the top Illinois researchers from this past year that revolutionize the way that we view and interact with the world, including two researchers from the University of Illinois who have ties to EnterpriseWorks.

Ruby Mendenhall is a sociology professor at the University of Illinois that has used topic modeling and data visualization to start to identify clues that could indicate the contributions of black women previously not recorded in history. Mendenhall was a participant this fall in the NSF I-Corps program, hosted here at EnterpriseWorks. 

Andrew Singer, CEO of EnterpriseWorks startup OceanComm, made headlines when his research showed it was possible could live-stream HD video through pork loin and beef liver that could lead to wider use of video live stream inside the body. Singer is a faculty member in Electrical and Computer Engineering in the College of Engineering. 

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