EnterpriseWorks and iVenture Accelerator Startups Featured in ChicagoInno

Category : Features
Posted on: December 19, 2016

ChicagoInno listed the Top 10 Illinois Student Startups to Make Moves in 2017, including four iVenture Accelerator student startups:

Tweetsense, founded by UIUC sophomores William Widjaja and Cody Pawlowski, mines social media and other internet comments to understand public opinion.

Amber Agriculture, founded by current UIUC MBA student Lucas Frye, aims to bring the Internet of Things to the farm through smart sensors placed inside grain silos that transmit information on CO2 and moisture levels to a farmer’s smartphone, allowing farmers to prevent crop spoilage. 

Therapalz, founded by UIUC juniors Fiona Kalensky and  Isak Massman, is creating therapeutic robotic stuffed animals for Alzheimers and dementia patients.

Psyonic is a startup creating low-cost prosthetic hands that offers sensory feedback, allowing users to not only utilize a prosthetic, but restore feeling and control in the limb they lost. The company is now in the EnterpriseWorks incubator.

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