Ensaras Inc. Founder Selected for Prestigious Presidential Leadership Scholars Program

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Posted on: January 25, 2024

Nina Kshetry, the President and Founder of Ensaras Inc., has been selected as one of the distinguished members of the 2024 Class of Presidential Leadership Scholars (PLS). This recognition places Kshetry among a cohort of 60 accomplished leaders from various fields, embarking on a transformative journey to hone their leadership skills.

The PLS program, now in its ninth annual class, stands as a beacon for bold leaders committed to addressing domestic and global challenges. This initiative offers participants the opportunity to delve into the lessons learned during the administrations of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Lyndon B. Johnson.

Nina Kshetry

Kshetry’s inclusion in this esteemed group is not only a testament to her leadership, but also highlights the impact of her contributions to Ensaras. Kshetry joins a diverse cohort that includes service members, educators, physicians, public servants, and corporate professionals.

Ensaras currently operates out of EnterpriseWorks, and distinguishes itself by working at the intersection of wastewater treatment and analytics, providing novel insights and solutions for the wastewater sector. The community in EnterpriseWorks eagerly anticipates the positive impact this experience will have not only on Kshetry’s leadership capabilities but also on the growth and visibility of Ensaras.

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