EarthSense Co-Founder Chinmay Soman Talks AgTech Trends and Company Success in Recent Research Park “Innovations” Podcast

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Posted on: May 27, 2022

The latest episode of the Innovations @ Research Park Podcast delves into the history and background of EarthSense, an agricultural robotics and AI company that is a tenant here at the Research Park.

Host Tanmay Shaw facilitates a discussion with Chinmay Soman, co-founder and CEO of EarthSense. The podcast delves into the origin story of the company as well as Soman’s drive to make a difference in the agricultural industry.

Soman explains that the main mission behind EarthSense came from a desire to help farmers. Soman tells the story of growing up in India and having many extended family members that made a living by farming.

Around the time that Soman was finishing his Ph.D., farming in India underwent many changes that led to a larger proportion of farmers being in debt. This led to increased suicide rates for individuals in this profession, which was something Soman was motivated to change.

EarthSense was founded to innovate the AgTech industry while also keeping in mind environmental sustainability. They primarily focus on creating ground-based robots that are able to collect data on crops and soil. TerraSentia, their first robot, improves the quantity, accuracy, cost, and speed of in-field plant trait data collection, specifically for under canopy plants.

Tune in to hear more on Soman’s perspective on future autonomous agricultural trends, EarthSense’s recent successes, and the importance of Research Park as a resource to the startup.

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