DPI Funding to Support Research Park Growth

Categories : Investments, Research Park
Posted on: August 30, 2018

Part of the state funding allocated to the University of Illinois for the Discovery Partners Institute and its statewide innovation network will be used to continue the expansion of the University of Illinois Research Park, university leaders announced during a town hall on Wednesday, August 29. 

According to an announcement made by Chancellor Robert J. Jones, funding related to DPI will support further instructure that will support the growth of the Research Park. 

Jones said the money for the research park will help expand its infrastructure to allow more startup companies to grow, he said.

He described the park as an “unmatched success,” with more than 120 companies such as John Deere and Archer Daniels Midland working with faculty and students, as well as 2,100 employees and 800 student interns. It has also helped launch more than 250 start-up companies from faculty innovations since its inception in 2001.

Jones said he will “work with the Research Park’s board of managers, community leaders, economic development advisers and DPI’s leadership to identify opportunities for investment.”

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