Dario Aranguiz of Petronics Talks Robotics and Mousr Product

Category : EnterpriseWorks
Posted on: August 7, 2017

Dario Aranguiz, Petronics Intern and winner of the Best Technological Innovation Award at the 2017 Research Park Intern Awards, sits down with The News-Gazette to talk about the future of robotics and what Petronics has in store.

Petronics, an EnterpriseWorks startup, has been working on bring Mousr to the market, a robotic mouse designed to autonomously entertain cats. Dario admits that, “Startups can have a difficult time entering a market with big players like the robotics industry. Our co-founders have worked hard to find a niche that we are uniquely suited to fill.” 

Dario’s research focus is enabling robots like Mousr to navigate and understand their environment. He has been recognized for his work in demonstrating single pixel SLAM, which, if successful, will bring capabilities to the Petronics robot never before seen in a commercial product. If somebody is interested in entering the robotics industry, Dario advices that individuals “Find a project that you can really sink our teeth into, like an automated door lock system or a little RC car, and just go. Anything that gets you started is the right thing to do.”

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