Cynthia Faullin Rejoins EnterpriseWorks as Associate Director of Operations

Category : EnterpriseWorks
Posted on: June 20, 2023

The Research Park is thrilled to announce that Cynthia Faullin, who brings 10 years of intensive experience with deep-tech startups and entrepreneurs, will return to EnterpriseWorks as the Associate Director for Operations starting June 20.

Faullin will serve as the primary touchpoint for EnterpriseWorks tenants and affiliated entrepreneurs, ensuring that the facility meets the needs of its entrepreneurs and startups, both physical and programmatic. She will be responsible for overseeing leasing and property management for the building and its grounds.

For the past two years Faullin was the Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Illinois-Chicago. There, she oversaw the Technology Innovation Lab which provides laboratory and office space to UIC early-stage startups as well as programming and consulting for entrepreneurs who are commercializing research-based technologies.

Faullin first joined EnterpriseWorks in 2014, developing extensive knowledge of the complexity of academic tech entrepreneurship. She was well known for her customer-centric, engaging approach to accomplished CEOs and the entrepreneurial curious alike.

Prior to her first stint at EnterpriseWorks, Cynthia spent 10 years in commercial real estate where she was part of a team that specialized in mixed-use development in downtown Champaign. She previously worked on the UIUC campus in undergraduate academic affairs and later career services.

Cynthia is a proud Canadian, and has Bachelor degrees in English Literature and Women’s Studies from Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario.