Cozad Winners Received Mentoring from UIRP Companies

Categories : Recognition & Awards, Research Park
Posted on: April 29, 2013

2013 Cozad New Venture Compeition winner Servabo has cited the Research Park as providing “a wealth of information and support” behind its efforts in an article published April 29 by the College of Engineering.

Servabo, which plans to develop and market a wireless “panic button”, received $25,000 and won acceptance into the I-Start program, the preincubation program sponsored by EnterpriseWorks.

Seravbo’s first mentor was Kenneth Taylor, director of Neustar Innovation Center. The team also received support from Eduardo Torrealba, CEO of Oso Technologies, and Scott Daigle, CEO and Co-Founder of Intelliwheels, Inc.; both are EnterpriseWorks tenants.

“The team says these young entrepreneurs gave them an advantage over the competition by sharing their experiences building their own ventures,” the article says.