Cast 21’s Ethan Wisniewski is featured on the News-Gazette’s Wired In

Category : Features
Posted on: July 31, 2017

Ethan Wisniewski is the latest Research Park affiliate who has been featured on Wired In, which features a different high-tech difference maker in the community every week. 

Ethan works as a Medical Device Design Engineer for Cast 21, a startup at EnterpriseWorks that is working on a exoskeleton pad that reduces the amount of heat a patient will feel during sleeve placement. While similar to a cast, this exoskeleton will be more comfortable and will allow the skin under the pad to breathe easier and be washed easier. 

The exoskeleton can also be mass-manufactured and can easily replace traditional fiberglass casts, without costing any more for the added luxuries. 

Ethan began working with Cast 21 after an email that was sent out to the Materials Science Department at the University, where Ethan is a student, peaked his interest because of the innovative mindset the email described. He interviewed and was offered the job. 

Recently, Ethan was a part of the team that won the Most Competant and Collaborative Team Award at Research Park’s annual Intern Awards. 

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