Business-to-Business IT Tech Showcase Luncheon

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Posted on: February 17, 2010

Event: Research Park Business-to-Business IT Tech Showcase Luncheon

About the Event: There are multiple small firms in the Research Park providing IT solutions for business application. This event will highlight Research Park firms offering innovative solutions for business use. Demonstrations of technology will given along with short summaries about their business products. This event is open to all Research Park employees for tech demo over lunch. Company 

Participants: Riverglass: RiverGlass develops software that can find and collect information and “connect the dots” from massive amounts of data. 

kGrove from Ploughman Analytics: kGrove is a tool for managing knowledge management and human resources within an organization. 

R Systems: R Systems provides flexible high-performance computing (HPC) resources for academic researchers and commercial organizations on demand using their own large computing clusters. 

Mezolink: Mezolink offers an integrated approach to information management and cloud storage solutions. 

Cloud Factory: Cloud Factory is Virtualization of desktop, software, and computing resources 

Network Geographics: Network Geographics creates tools to simplify and automate the analysis of changes to an enterprises security stance.

Place: EnterpriseWorks