Brandon Yates, Founder and CEO of DeepWalk featured in Latest Research Park Podcast

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Posted on: June 27, 2023

The newest episode of The Innovations @ Research Park podcast features Brandon Yates, Founder and CEO of DeepWalk, a company which is the product of the entrepreneurship programs at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and the University of Chicago. Founded in 2019, the company participated in university-sponsored programs such as the Cozad New Venture Challenge NSF iCorps, iVenture Accelerator, and Polsky College New Venture Challenge. 

Brandon and his team are on a mission to create AI-powered solutions for the city planners and engineers that build important public infrastructure that we rely on every day. 

In this episode of Innovations at Research Park, host Tanmay Shaw speaks with Brandon Yates, about how Artificial Intelligence technology can help simplify public works compliance. 

He explains how their AI platform removes the need for manual input, reduces the number of data points, and automates compliance with multiple standards. He also shares examples of how the technology has been successfully employed by different sectors, including transportation and energy. 

Brandon provides insight into the future of DeepWalk as they continue to create innovative solutions for customers. This episode provides a great overview of the company’s AI platform and how it can help public works compliance processes.

To listen to more of the conversation that Tanmay Shaw had with Brandon Yates about his journey Simplifying Public Works Compliance with AI, tune in to the latest edition of the Innovations @ Research Park Podcast.

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