Boston Bioprocess Helping Nourish Ingredients Make a More Realistic Meat Substitute

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Posted on: October 12, 2023

Have you ever bitten into a meat substitute product and find yourself longing for the real deal? The aroma, the flavor, the texture, and the taste of… meat?

You’re not alone.

EnterpriseWork’s very own Boston Bioprocess is teaming up with Nourish Ingredients to create just that– utilizing wild fungi and yeast strains to trick even the biggest meat lovers into thinking they are consuming a meat product.

The secret ingredient? To effectively scale and replicate the most potent fat molecules, the ones responsible for making that irresistible, animalistic aroma that makes your mouth water.

In a Food Navigator USA article, it was explained that Boston Bioprocess is not only assisting Nourish Ingredients in developing a more realistic-tasting product but ensuring that the product will meet regulatory requirements as well. The partnership between Boston Bioprocess and Nourish Ingredients is coming after a significant drop in the plant-based protein market.

Nourish Ingredients CEO James Petrie hopes to change the downward market trajectory.

“In one way [it’s] been healthy for [the industry] in the sense that… there’s a bit of pressure on the plant-based industry at the moment and it’s forcing us to take a collective look at the quality of products,” said Petrie.

Boston Bioprocess works to provide their clients with the equipment and expertise they need to improve yield, decrease costs, and access product for commercial testing. Visit their tenant directory to learn more about the company. Read the full Food Navigator feature.