Amber Ag Student Startup featured on Big Ten Network Website

Category : Features
Posted on: July 15, 2016

CHAMPAIGN – The Big Ten Network highlighted the work and progress made by Amber Ag, a participant in the I-Venture Accelerator Program. Amber Ag was the 2016 Cozad Grand Prize winner and brought home over $30,000 in award funds.

The Big Ten write-up focused on their product, how it came to be, and where the company is going next. Their product, a moisture sensor for grain silos, is intended to save farmers tens of thousands of dollars each season.

On their future plans, CEO Lucas Frye says:

“From Cozad, we had the funds to do the more advanced field tests,” says Frye. “We’re going through some programs to dig deeper into customer insights and discovery. Our focus for this summer is two things: field-test our prototype — checking its accuracy, checking its durability — and the customer-discovery part.”

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