AbbVie’s Global Head of IT Explains Innovation Through Space on LinkedIn

Categories : Features, Research Park
Posted on: June 7, 2019

Mike Carlin, AbbVie’s global head of IT, explains that space matters for creativity in his June 6 LinkedIn article. At AbbVie’s locations, from Chicago to Tokyo, environments that support inventive thinking are inspired by technologists and open collaboration.

One of the highlighted areas is the AbbVie Innovation Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It employs 95 students and has welcomed over 300 visitors. Carlin highlights the space as a “home” for student workers during hackathons. Students make an impact within Research Park.

AbbVie inspires creative thinking in its other locations as well. Carlin mentions the AbbVie Idea Lab within the global headquarters in North Chicago, Illinois and the open-concept offices in Sunnyvale, California and AbbVie’s Tokyo space. These diverse collaboration spaces support more team interaction.

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