AB InBev and Agrible Announce Global Partnership

Category : Partnerships & Acquisitions
Posted on: September 22, 2017

September 20, 2017: Anheuser-Busch InBev Lab and Agrible, Inc., both located in the Research Park, are partnering up. The goal of the partnership is to improve barley production while simultaneously minimizing environmental impact. This partnership will make it easier for farmers around the world to access better data and predictive analytics on crop management and climate effects. 

Agrible is an AgTech startup that began here at the Research Park and is aiming for better and more productive crop production while working toward the goal of a sustainable food supply for the future. It supplies products to growers worldwide that help them access better data and run farms more efficiently. 

AB InBev is the largest brewer and user of malt barley in the world. It creates products like SmartBay, a platform and incubator that leverages data and technology to better help growers worldwide solve challenges to improve productivity and environmental performance.

The companies have partnered up before. In 2016, the two joined forces on project that worked to forcast barley yield and quality factors through better crop modeling and predictive analytics for American farmers. This project soon went international. 

Now, the two companies will merge technology to make the products even more effecient. Agrible will allow AB InBev to access it’s product, Morning Farm Report, to enhance SmartBay. The companies will also work together on the goal of sustainability in areas like water use, land efficiency, and the carbon footprint. 

Agrible and AB InBev are leaders in the market of connecting farmers with real-time data and insights straight from the field. 

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