2010 Outstanding Research Park Student Interns Announced

Category : Recognition & Awards
Posted on: August 27, 2010

Roman Semenyuk, BS Molecular & Cellular Biology, Autonomic Materials:
Roman advanced the research and development of self-healing coatings and healing chemistries while also providing direction on projects to the other interns.

Ryne Beeson, MS Aerospace Engineering, Caterpillar Simulation Center:
Ryne mastered the use of complex engineering simulation software and contributed to over 30 projects over three years alongside full-time engineers.

Tyler Deitz, BS Business, Cazoodle:
Tyler singlehandedly established contacts with clients and handled sales and negotiations with local and national media executives.

Nicole Phillips, BS Community Health, State Farm Research and Development Center:
Nicole is a business research analyst and is contributing to the start-up of a new department. She also serves as a senior resource and corporate liaison for her team members.

David Goldstein, BS Computer Engineering, Watchfire Signs:
David was a strong contributor on software projects: streamlining the distribution the company’s art collection, and automatic driver installation for end users.

Jude Holscher, BS Agricultural Engineering, Waterborne Environmental:
Jude traveled the country completing water quality sampling and data analysis projects from Indiana to Nebraska, with very little oversight needed from his supervisors.

The event also recognized additional nominees that were selected by their companies including:

  • Conner Grant, BS Chemical Engineering: Archer Daniels Midland, Inc. (ADM)
  • Bryan Mishkin, BS Computer Science: State Farm Research & Development Center
  • Kai Van Horn, Ph.D Electrical and Computer Engineering: Waterborne Environmental
  • Carrie Cuno-Booth, BS History: Green Purpose
  • Kyle McElmury, BS Aerospace Engineering: Caterpillar Simulation Center
  • Roshan Choxi, BS Electrical Engineering, Merge.fm
  • Eric Wilson, BS Speech Communications and Business: Serra Ventures
  • Pawan Gaargi, MBA Program: Cazoodle
  • Truman Shuck, BS Computer Science: Cazoodle
  • Brian Gladden, BS Computer Science: SAIC, Inc.
  • Hio Lam Lao, BS Actuarial Science: State Farm Research & Development Center
  • Bob Skowron, BS Applied Mathematics: State Farm Research & Development Center

Additional information on each of the students is available on our website at: https://researchpark.illinois.edu/resources/students/