004 Technologies USA Opening Office in the Research Park

Category : Research Park
Posted on: May 13, 2010

004 Technologies GmbH is the research and development subsidiary of 004 Beratungs GmbH. The new “soft landing” US office will open in June in EnterpriseWorks as a R&D center to identify emerging trends in ecommerce and technical disciplines. The office will also serve as a US office to provide consulting for companies seeking to enter the European market via ecommerce expansion. The center will employ students and full time employees to begin work on information systems and payment methods for mobile devices and market research on fulfillment partnerships for European markets. EnterpriseWorks will be an interim location, with a longer term office planned for the Research Park. 004 Technologies is an e-commerce consulting firm located in Aschaffenburg, Germany (just east of Frankfurt), http://www.004gmbh.de/en/.