Summer Intern Professional Development Workshop Series

The annual Research Park & EnterpriseWorks' Summer Intern Professional Development Workshop Series are held weekly in the EnterpriseWorks atrium from 12-1 pm. Each workshop focuses on a unique aspect of the professional world, giving useful advice on everything from networking to negotiation. All Research Park interns are encouraged to attend and enjoy free lunch at the workshops. We will start serving lunch at 12 pm and will stop promptly at 12:15 pm to start the program. Lunch is first come, first served.


June 6: Fundamentals of Effective Collaborations

In this workshop, you will learn strategies to work more efficiently and effectively with peers and supervisors, and understand errors of unsuccessful collaborations.

Presented by Jeff Yacup, Assistant Director for the Illinois Leadership Center at the University of Illinois


June 13: Translating Your Skills

What transferrable skills have you developed in  school and during your internship? And how can you explain them in ways that make sense to future employers? In this interactive workshop, learn how to identify your marketable skills and practice articulating their value in a variety of contexts, including resumes and interviews. You will work with real job ads from a variety of fields to give you hands-on experience making connections between your skills and what employers are looking for.

Presented by Derek Attig, Assistant Director for Career Development at the University of Illinois


June 20: Personal Branding

What is your personal brand? This workshop will focus on marketing yourself for success through finding your unique value of promise. We will think about our individual attributes and how that translates into your placement in the marketplace. 

Presented by Nell Madigan, Associate Dean at the School of Labor and Employment Relations at the University of Illinois


June 27: Confidence in Networking

How do you wish to come across to your colleagues and professional network? Which attributes do you hope to present in the professional world? How do you want to work to perceive and “evaluate you? Join this session to discuss how to build relationships that will inevitably better position you for a productive professional life.

Presented by Elizabeth Chominski, Senior Associate Director of Business Career Services at the University of Illinois


July 11: Writing Effective Resumes

Join us for a workshop that will help you create an effective resume or improve the one you already have. Transform your resume into a powerful tool that will get you interviews. This workshop will lead you through a self-assessment series so you will have extensive knowledge about the product you are marketing aka YOU!.

Presented by Patricia Simpson, Director of Academic Advising and Career Services at the University of Illinois' School of Chemical Sciences


July 18: Stress Management

What is stress? What are the things we stress about? How does stress affect my well-being? In this psychoeducational workshop, Graduate Assistants at the University of Illinois Counseling Center will address these questions and provide an overview of what research says about ways to cope with stress. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how stress impacts one's life, learn stress management techniques, and how to develop resiliency.

Presented by Ademola Akrinola and Matt King, Counseling Center at the University of Illinois


July 25: How to Manage Your Personal Finance

Topics that will be discussed include how to budget, save an emergency fund, pay down debt, set financial goals, and improve your credit report and score.

Presented by Kate Rogers, Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer of Campus Card Management Group