Enterpriseworks Affiliate Program


The Affiliate Program is a pre-incubation program for early stage startup companies. This program is designed to help inventors and entrepreneurs to access services through EnterpriseWorks and become tenants of the Research Park through an affordable program. 

Affiliate Program Services include:

  • Mailing address and mailbox at EnterpriseWorks 

  • Access to shared conference rooms

  • 24-hour access to building and co-working space

  • Access to Entrepreneur-in-Residence consulting services

  • Access to Student Shared Services project services

  • Invitations to weekly Research Park programming and events

  • Research Park website tenant listing

  • Allied Agency Status with the University of Illinois

  • Optional: Lease space in data center per server at incubator rates

If you would like to become an EnterpriseWorks Affiliate, apply at: uiucresearchpark.force.com/requests/Affiliate_Application


Current EnterpriseWorks Affiliates

  • Agricultural Capital Advisors LLC

  • BioNanoCon LLC

  • CERSE Inc. 

  • drgnFLI 

  • Earthsense

  • Ekey Technology Inc. 

  • Embedor Technologies

  • Environmental Sorbet Engineering

  • Fruit Vaccine, Inc.

  • HUPTech

  • Hybrid Information Technologies

  • Iria Pharma LLC

  • KeaneTech LLC

  • Lipotec Laboratories LLC

  • Neurolux, Inc.

  • Prairie Nanotechnology LLC

  • Prenosis


  • Soil Diagnostics, Inc.

  • Snooz LLC

  • VILI Tech Co.

  • Wearifi