I-Start Seed Funding Program

The I-Start Seed Funding Program benefits University of Illinois-affiliated entrepreneurs with strong potential for technology commercialization through new company formation.

I-Start awardees have access to a suite of professional services including business development, legal setup, SBIR applications, bookkeeping, and marketing/branding assistance.

EnterpriseWorks maintains a list of professional service providers and pricing for I-Start clients.

I-Start award recipients are required to become tenants of the EnterpriseWorks incubator.

Through the program, EnterpriseWorks competitively awards companies 80% of the cost of the services. Funding and resources are available for one year. Lastly, services are expected to be completed within the budget allocations for each category.

Apply to the I-Start Program


Service Providers

If your firm wishes to provide services for I-Start, please submit a one-page scope of services on any of the packages listed on the table, including prices and contact information on company letterhead, to [email protected].

I-Start Program

I-Start provides university-affiliated startups with access to professional services.

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