Senior Cluster Python Environment Engineer – NVIDIA

  • Full Time
Posted: 5.20.22

Senior Cluster Python Environment Engineer – NVIDIA


About the Job

NVIDIA’s products, hardware, and software are world leaders in performance and efficiency. We are continually innovating in creative and unique ways to improve our ability to deliver extraordinary solutions across a wide range of sectors. We are seeking System Software Engineers who are passionate about what they do and are committed to making a difference in the world through their inventions. In the Software Development Tools Team, we enable 1st & 3rd-party developers to turn NVIDIA’s hardware into the groundbreaking cluster, server, professional, consumer, automotive, and embedded solutions.

What You Will Be Doing

  • On the Nsight Systems team, we design & build the premiere multi-discipline GPU+CPU+networking profiling tool in the industry. You will have the opportunity to work with people who are doing important work to improve computers and computing systems.
  • Improve python profiling for better tracing, sampling, and correlation to source code.
  • Establishing data analysis pathways and methods for all system data. Including that coming from all CPUs, GPUs, DPUs, NICs, switches, and software across a cluster to generate statistics, graphs, and views that scale with data density, and are representative of key cluster performance characteristics. You will enable engineers and scientists to accomplish ground-breaking work faster than ever before.
  • Build expert systems that use analysis and inference to detect and characterize cluster-scale problems and guide users to strategies to resolve them.
  • Build software tools that enable developers across a spectrum of markets to optimize their workflows; enable complex computer systems doing ongoing work in High-Performance Computing(HPC), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Machines, pro-visualization, and even entertainment. Our tools span the gamut.
  • Partner with solutions architects, product definition engineers, software/firmware engineers, HW/SW applications engineers and operations, in a multifaceted, dynamic, high-energy work environment to bring industry-defining products to market.

What We Need to See

  • BS, MS, or Ph.D. in EE, CE, CS, or Systems Engineering (or equivalent experience).
  • 6+ years of experience in a related hardware/software position is always a plus.
  • Excellent problem solving, collaborative, and interpersonal skills. Experience working with international teams is preferred.
  • Real-world Python experience, not just with programming Python, but also in building and integrating Python environments. Strong C/C++ knowledge is a major plus.
  • Familiarity with computer algorithms, performance complexity, object-oriented programming, data structures, and design patterns. Ability to divide sophisticated problems into simple sub-problems and then reuse available solutions to implement the solutions.

Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd

  • Experience with machine learning, and deep learning libraries, frameworks, and analysis.
  • Familiarity with multiple parallel programming paradigms and hands-on HPC experience. Experience with Legate, RAPIDS, Pandas, NumPy, and Jupyter notebooks/servers is particularly useful.
  • Experience creating monitoring, profiling, or optimization software tools for developers working on large-scale systems.
  • Experience with multiple architectures (x86, ARM, Power) or multiple operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS).
  • Proven track record of crafting engineering designs, driving them to consensus within teams, and bringing them to fruition.


With competitive salaries and a generous benefits package, NVIDIA is widely considered to be one of the technology world’s most desirable employers. Our diverse team of talented, capable, and professional people is our greatest asset! If you’re a creative and autonomous engineer with a real passion for technology, we want to hear from you!

NVIDIA is committed to fostering a diverse work environment and proud to be an equal opportunity employer. As we highly value diversity in our current and future employees, we do not discriminate (including in our hiring and promotion practices) on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender expression , sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, disability status or any other characteristic protected by law.

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