Music AI Engineer – Kocree

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Posted: 2.5.24

Music AI Engineer – Kocree



Kocree, Inc. is a UIUC Research Park-based startup, leveraging modern AI and blockchain technology to define the next-generation artistic social creation. At Kocree, we build social co-creation platforms to unleash and connect people’s creativity, moving from a co-creation workspace towards a marketplace and WeMedia that allow everyone to showcase and monetize their creativity. Kocree is the home of the world’s leading scientists, engineers, and artists, in artificial intelligence, information and blockchain technology, computational creativity, computer art and music, as well as human-AI interaction. We are a small but fast-growing team, with founders from UIUC, Stanford, and MIT. You’ll be working closely with the founding team to apply cutting-edge techniques to the most exciting creative challenges in the post-pandemic years and a new era that is about to begin for the deep fusion of art, technology, and human wellbeing.


Kocree’s “Music Mosaic” (“Muosaic”) project, is on a mission to elevate everyone’s everyday music experience to the next level: from listening, singing, to creating new music together! Through Muosaic, we bring music co-creation to everyone, and bring everyone together through music co-creation! Muosaic is an AI-powered, music social co-creation platform. It attracts music lovers to team up and cocreate music for daily use and entertainment. Using our special music AI magic, Muosaic significantly lowers the bar for everyone to create music and makes music co-creation as fun as co-assembling “music legos”. On Kocree’s Muosaic, everyone, regardless of your music background, can be a composer anywhere at any time—from a few minutes on a bus customizing a music gift to hours-long music parties!


We are looking for a talented, passionate, and hard-working Music AI engineer, who thrives as a self-starter in a start-up setting. We are looking for expertise and experience that overlap with a majority part of the following, or their equivalents:

  • AI and machine learning, algorithms, object-oriented programming
  • Music notations and representations, notation software and audio editing
  • (Relevant) Python and its common scientific/music libraries, MusicXML, MIDI, MuseScore, LogicPro
  • (Preferred) Music composition by hand or by algorithm
Questions can be sent to: [email protected].

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