PhotoniCare is developed a low-cost diagnostic platform that uses light to see through human tissues. The first product created by PhotoniCare was the Otis device, and It allows physicians to be able to see through the eardrum to directly visualize the middle ear. This technology enables physicians to determine the contents of the middle ear, and thereby assess whether or not their patient needs antibiotics or surgical intervention. PhotoniCare will launch this product in early 2019, while continuing to develop additional products on this platform in eye, dental, and consumer health markets.

Ryan Nolan, Ryan Shelton, and Stephen Boppart co-founded Photonicare in 2013 with a focus on making an impact on the health of children. Ryan Nolan is currently the Co-founder and VP of Clinical Operations with a background in professional clinical research and bioengineering. Ryan Shelton is a PhD-trained engineer in biomedical optics and electrical engineering. Stephen Boppart is a UIUC alum with a background in computer and biomedical engineering.

EnterpriseWorks Tenure: 2014-2019

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After graduating EnterpriseWorks in 2019, Photonicare resides in Champaign, Illinois, with 13 staff members.