Network Perception


Network Perception delivers a pioneering solution that enables corporate compliance and cybersecurity managers to gain a complete view of their network security and to immediately determine if its configuration is in alignment with best practices and regulatory standards. Our software includes a network analysis engine and a topology visualization platform that continuously provides an accurate model of all network devices (firewalls, routers, switches) and automatically verifies security and compliance.

Robin Berthier co-founded Network Perception in 2014 with a team of researchers and security experts to develop network security solutions. Previous professors and graduates with engineering backgrounds from the University of Illinois pioneered the technology at Network Perception and with the help of Robin Berthier, they began to commercialize the technology in 2014.

EnterpriseWorks Tenure: 2014-2019

News & Milestones

Network Perception Now

After graduating from EnterpriseWorks in 2019, Network Perception opened their US corporate headquarters in Chicago, IL, and their European corporate office in Amsterdam, Netherlands.