Intelinair_borderedAgMRI, IntelinAir’s proprietary aerial analysis system, provides real-time information so growers and their agronomy partners can make proactive decisions with verifiable results. AgMRI’s in-depth analysis of a variety of image types throughout the season produces directed insights to maximize efficiencies, whether managing a single operation or servicing customers across a wide geography. AgMRI gives growers and their partners broad-scale intelligence through 100% scouting that can increase their competitive edge this season and beyond.

Al Eisaian, Greg Rose, and Naira Hovakimyan co-founded IntelinAir in 2014 to provide data-driven insights on crop performance at an effective cost. With a background in creating successful startups, Al Eisaian is in charge of leveraging data to solve problems. Greg Rose has several professional experiences in business development for early-stage companies and is now the Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategy at IntelinAir. As a professor in mechanical science and engineering at UIUC, Naira Hovakimyan uses data science and extensive research in neural networks and autonomous systems.

EnterpriseWorks Tenure: 2015-2019

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IntelinAir Now

After graduating from EnterpriseWorks in 2019, IntelinAir has opened corporate offices in Champaign, IL,  Pasadena, CA, and Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.