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Aromatic ThermoSetting coPolyesters (ATSP) Innovations LLC is engaged in developing and commercializing a new family of resins that demonstrate robustness in severe thermal and mechanical environments. This resin can be introduced into many applications that require demanding performance and lifetime requirements. The development of the ATSP family of resin heralds a major advance in the field of wear and lubrication. The main advantages of these polymeric-based coatings are their excellent wear resistance, low friction, relatively low cost, and simple substrate surface. ATSP Innovations also started producing machinable sheets and plates by consolidating cured ATSP powders under heat and pressure. An ATSP sheet has a unique combination of properties that can be used in valves, fittings, bearing, bushing, seals, aerospace parts, and pump components.

ATSP Innovations was founded by Andreas Polycarpou and David Carroll in 2010 at the Research Park.

EnterpriseWorks Tenure: 2017-2020

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In 2020, ATSP moved its operations to the Houston area and continued the development and commercialization of resins. They combine decades of experience designing and developing polymers to tackle challenging industrial problems.