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Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc. engages in developing and applying diamond films for industrial, electronic, and medical applications. It offers AFM probes, ultrananocrystalline diamond seals, and ultrananocrystalline diamond wafers for MEMS development and UNCD product prototyping. The company also provides MEMS, applications development, and coating services. In addition, it offers UNCD Electrodes for advanced electrochemical water treatment applications. Further, the company operates as a licensee to the Argonne portfolio of application and process patents for using, synthesizing, and micromachining ultrananocrystalline diamond films. It offers its products through its website, as well as through distributors in the United States and internationally.

Advanced Diamond Technologies was founded by Neil Kane, startup CEO and entrepreneur.

EnterpriseWorks Tenure: 2004-2012

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Advanced Diamond Technologies Now

Advanced Diamond Technologies was acquired by Chicago-based company John Crane in 2019. They are currently located in Romeoville, Illinois.