On the last Friday of every month from May to October, Research Park professionals and interns gather to celebrate the end of the month with food and festivities around a bonfire at Ameren Pond. Family and friends are welcome to join in this fun-filled themed event. For more details on upcoming Fire at Five bonfires and happy hours, visit our calendar here.

Fire at Five 2019

Fire@Five 1 Fire@Five
May 2019: Once upon a…Fire at Five
Fire@Five 2 Fire@Five
June 2019: Pride in the Park
Fire@Five 3 Fire@Five
July 2019: Cosmic
Fire@Five 4 Fire@Five
August 2019: Wild, Wild West
Fire@Five 5 Fire@Five
September 2019: A Day at the Ballpark
Fire@Five 6 Fire@Five
October 2019: Halloween