Agriculture Innovation Technology Summit

2023 AgTech Summit

The next AgTech Innovation Summit will take place on Tuesday, March 7, 2023. Join us to explore how technology solutions are addressing some of the most significant challenges facing agriculture today – and learn about what is on the horizon. One of the premier AgTech hubs in the nation, Champaign-Urbana is uniquely positioned to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, academics, and industry for learning, networking and advancing this sector.

March 7, 2023
Illinois Conference Center
1402 S. 1st St. Champaign, IL


This interactive conference offers participants the opportunity to learn and share knowledge about the current state of agtech and looking into the future through dynamic panels, inspiring keynote presentations, and networking opportunities.


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Champaign-Urbana AgTech Week

Champaign-Urbana has long been a hub for technology as well as agriculture. In the past decade, those two paths have converged, paving the way for the community to become an “epicenter for AgTech.” In addition to the AgTech Summit, there are several events during AgTech Week from March 6-10.

AgTech Award

Edwin Moore Family Agriculture Award

The Edwin Moore Family Agriculture award was established in 2016 with a generous gift to EnterpriseWorks. The goal of this award is to help startup companies engaged in the development of new innovative technologies that may lead to increased productivity and/or efficiency in farming or to create new agricultural opportunities, including new processes, new crops, and new food production systems.

The award honors the legacy of Edwin E. Moore (1924), who graduated from the University of Illinois College of Agriculture and began farming in Will County. Throughout his agricultural career, he and his wife, Iva, used innovative farming practices for both crop production and livestock management. Two of their four children also became farmers, Edwin and Thomas (1953, College of Agriculture), and continued use of innovative farm practices. Subsequent generations of Edwin Moore’s family have continued to pursue farming and ag-related careers capturing the same innovative spirit.

The previous winners include:






Soil Diagnostics(2017)

Glen “GB” Brandt Prize for Ag Entrepreneurism Award

The Glen “GB” Brandt Prize for Ag Entrepreneurism  was established in 2021 in honor of Glen “GB” Brandt, a legendary figure in the field of Illinois agriculture, who passed away in late 2020. The BRANDT Foundation partnered with the University of Illinois to provide the winner a $10,000 prize.

The BRANDT Foundation was established in 2012 as a philanthropic extension of BRANDT, Inc. The Brandt family has always stood with their communities and as their company grew, so did the opportunities to give back. The BRANDT Foundation offers donations, grants, and support to the charities, organizations, and communities that reside in the same area of the company; geographically and industry-related.

The previous winners include:

Matt Riggs(2022)

Will Glazik(2021)

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