Starfire Industries Named a Top 10 Non-Destructive Testing Company

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Posted on: December 2, 2021

Starfire Industries was named one of 2021’s top 10 non-destructive testing companies by Manufacturing Outlook Magazine.

Based at the University of Illinois Research Park, the company specializes in innovative plasma engineering across a range of markets, including aerospace, defense, nuclear, homeland security, and manufacturing semiconductors.

Starfire Industries uses a process that combines physics, math, chemistry, and biology to create a strategy for inspecting, examining, and testing materials for flaws, defects, and more.

“Starfire Industries’ portable particle accelerators and neutron generators are not only enabling greater particle utilization for inspection and testing but also lowering the cost of implementation, transportation, and operation for industrial clients,” said Manufacturing Outlook Magazine.

Starfire Industries Named a Top 10 Non-Destructive Testing Company 4 Starfire Industries Named a Top 10 Non-Destructive Testing Company

Four-time University of Illinois alumnus Brian Jurczyk is the co-founder and CEO/President of Starfire Industries. Under his leadership, the company has grown from EnterpriseWorks startup (graduating in 2009) to have 14,000 sq. ft. of offices and production space in the University of Illinois Research Park. It now employs about 35 individuals.

“As portable products can be easily transported between locations, the clients can easily leverage them for their inspection and testing needs at their desired locations, whether it is for product testing, elemental analysis, cargo inspection, radiography, downhole well inspection, and much more; the possibilities are endless,” Jurczyk said to Manufacturing Outlook Magazine.

Visit the Research Park website for more information on Starfire Industries.