Research Park One Reason Why Young Homebuyers are Flocking to Champaign

Categories : Recognition & Awards, Research Park
Posted on: October 1, 2021

A recent article written by echoed what we here at the UIRP already know to be true: the University of Illinois Research Park in Champaign is the place to be. 

Using its own algorithm concluded that, amongst other bustling college towns, Champaign is the best (yes, as in the #1) college town for young adults to move to. cited Research Park a prominent reason for why anyone, but specifically young home buyers and recent graduates, should consider buying property in the immediate community. According to the article, young home buyers and  “recent grads can try to snag a job or internship at the college’s Research Park a technology hub with around 100 companies. It houses everything from startups to research and development centers of Fortune 500 companies like State Farm, AbbVie pharmaceuticals, and Caterpillar.”

The website also highlighted  Champaign’s prime location in relation to other major cities, the lower cost of living, and the lively progressive college town in its equation. 

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