Petronics Talks About Success and Innovation

Category : EnterpriseWorks
Posted on: February 9, 2015

CHAMPAIGN, IL Feb 9, 2015 — Petronics, a startup company within EnterpriseWorks, was recently highlighted in the News-Gazette. In the article, the three founders (Michael Friedman, Dave Cohen, and David Jun,) who are past and current doctoral students at the Univeristy of Illinois, speak about their success with their Kickstarter campaign as well as future developments.

“A robot that could interact meaningfully with pets would be a step toward building one that could interact with humans — something they feel is still far down the road.”

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Company Overview
Petronics makes high-tech health and entertainment products for house pets. Our first product is Mousr, an artificially intelligent robotic mouse that can see and react to a cat’s movement, just like real prey.

Interested in learning more from co-founders, Dave Cohen and David Jun? Visit the link.