FAST Center at Illinois Announces SBIR/STTR Sprint for AFWERX (Air Force) and SOFWERX (Special Operations Command)

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Posted on: December 24, 2020

The FAST Center of Illinois, in collaboration with AFWERX (Air Force) and SOFWERX (Special Operations Command) is running a SBIR/STTR sprint, in order to enhance the number, quality, and diversity of applicants throughout the state of Illinois. Through this four-week SBIR/STTR sprint, entrepreneurs/inventors/companies will learn what makes the AFWERX/SOFWERX process different as well as how to build a competitive proposal package. Teams will watch half hour lectures, work in collaborative workshops, and submit materials each week for review.

The Department of Defense seeks small high technology firms with the R&D capabilities, internal and external, to deliver a technologically advanced solution for its expressed need. It is vitally important to understand this landscape before investing time and money to seek funding. AFWERX (Air Force) and SOFWERX (Special Operations Command) have revolutionized the way the DoD does business with startups and small business entities. The link to find the topics is here.

The workshops will be facilitated by Alex Gorsuch, who leads the FAST Center at Illinois. Teams with be contacted by Alex before the event to ensure it’s the right fit.


Workshop Dates (all are at 1:00pm Central): 

Wednesday, 01/13: AFWERX/SOFWERX SBIR Overview and Checklist, Topic Selection

Wednesday, 01/20: Customer Discovery Plan, Key Personnel, Principal Investigator Selection, Technical Objectives and Tasks

Wednesday, 01/27: Budgeting, Letters of Support, Timeline and Deliverables

Wednesday, 02/03: Commercialization Plan, Dual Use, Phase 2, Phase 3, Slide Deck


01/21: SBIR DoD 21.1 Applications Open

02/18: SBIR DoD 21.1 Applications Close

More information about FAST Partnership at Illinois is available HERE. 

For more information or questions, please contact Alex Gorsuch, Visiting Associate Director of Entrepreneurship, at [email protected]

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