On the last Thursday of every month from May to October, Research Park professionals and interns gather to celebrate the end of the month for a themed celebration with food and festivities around a bonfire at the Atkins Building.

In the past, we have hosted Fire @ Five’s with themes such as Pride in the Park, Family Game Night, A Day at the Ballpark, Pet Picnic, and more. See the full list of upcoming and past themes below!

Family and friends are welcome to join in this fun-filled event. For more details on upcoming Fire at Five bonfires and happy hours, visit our calendar here.

Fire at Five 2023

Fire@Five 1 Fire@Five
May 2023: Red, White, & Blue BBQ
Fire@Five 2 Fire@Five
June 2023: Pride at the Park


Fire@Five 3 Fire@Five
July 2023: County Fair
Fire@Five 4 Fire@Five
August 2023: Back to School Beach Party
Fire@Five 5 Fire@Five
September 2023: Hispanic Heritage Fiesta
Fire@Five 6 Fire@Five
October 2023: Hats Off to Heroes

Fire at Five 2022

Fire@Five 7 Fire@Five
October 2022: Halloween Murder Mystery
Fire@Five 8 Fire@Five
September 2022: Patio Picnic Party
Fire@Five 9 Fire@Five
August 2022: Luau
Fire@Five 10 Fire@Five
July 2022: Team Spirit
Fire@Five 11 Fire@Five
June 2022: Pride in the Park
Fire@Five 12 Fire@Five
May 2022: Camping

Fire at Five 2021

Fire@Five 13 Fire@Five
September 2021: Tailgate
Fire@Five 14 Fire@Five
July 2021: Outer Space
Fire@Five 15 Fire@Five
June 2021: Pride in the Park
Fire at Five Caribbean Luau
May 2021: Caribbean Luau

Fire at Five 2020

Fire at Five: Family Game Night
May 2020: Family Game Night
Fire at Five: Research Park Ice Cream Social
June 2020: Ice Cream Social
Fire@Five 1 Fire@Five
July 2020: Scavenger Hunt
August 2020 Fire at Five_Pet Picnic_Event Calendar Thumbnail
August 2020: Pet Picnic

Fire at Five 2019

Fire@Five 16 Fire@Five
May 2019: Once upon a…Fire at Five
Fire@Five 17 Fire@Five
June 2019: Pride in the Park
Fire@Five 18 Fire@Five
July 2019: Cosmic
Fire@Five 19 Fire@Five
August 2019: Wild, Wild West
Fire@Five 20 Fire@Five
September 2019: A Day at the Ballpark
Fire@Five 21 Fire@Five
October 2019: Mad Scientist’s Lab