Fine Arts

The University of Illinois Research Park has multiple fine art installations scattered around its campus.

Be sure to tag us on social media and use #UIRPart when you use the Park’s bike and walking paths to see all the installations.

Fine Art Installation Information
"New Day," created by Jeffrey Breslow, is dedicated to Professor Emeritus Edward J. Zagorski. "My lifelong teacher, mentor and friend on his 92nd birthday - September 20, 2013. With love, respect and admiration."
"Eye of Uxmal" was created by James K. Johnson. "As a sculptor, I have always been concerned with creating works of art that cause the viewer to pause and reflect upon their surroundings and in doing so become more aware of the environment that they are passing through."
"Separated Together" was created by Ben Pierce in 2010 as part of his Gap Series. "While working on this sculpture I realized that the shapes represented people in my life that didn't belong any more for one reason or another. I served 4 years in the military.... This work allowed me to see and understand what I had been feeling since 2007, it also allowed me to deal with and get over it."