Here in Champaign-Urbana, we love sustainable transportation. That’s why the Research Park has bicycle paths and docks, making getting here easy for bike riders.

Do you want to ride to work but don’t have a bicycle? Champaign-Urbana also has Veoride, which is a dockless biking rental service available to everyone. Grab your bicycle, check out the paths, and get to biking.

champaign-urbana bike mapCU Bicycle Map Front
champaign-urbana bike mapCU Bicycle Map Back

Information on Bicycle Registration

Step – 1: Pay the one-time bicycle registration fee here – Bicycle Registration Fee form

  • Provide your contact information, including your email, phone number, and how you are affiliated with the University.
  • Use your credit/debit card to pay the one-time $10 bicycle registration fee.
  • Save the Confirmation email for your record. You will need this Confirmation number when you go to collect the Shield.
  • Use the link provided at the bottom of the Payment Confirmation page to proceed to register your bicycle.

Step – 2: Proceed to register your bicycle on the Project 529 Garage websiteProject 529 US logo

  • Enter your contact information on the Project 529 Garage registration form. You are encouraged to enter your personal email so that even if/when you leave the university, your registration remains active.
  • Provide your bicycle information on this page, including your bicycle’s serial number, manufacturer, model, frame color, etc.
    • Find your bicycle’s serial number using the information on Project 529’s website: Locate Your Bicycle’s Serial Number
    • It is critical that you input the serial number accurately.
  • Select one of the Shield pick-up locations from the drop-down menu.
  • Leave the “529 Shield” field blank, you will fill this field after you collect the 529 Shield from your chosen location.
  • Click on the “Register your Bike”.
  • Download the 529 Garage app on your Android or iPhone and use your profile information to log in to the app.
    • This will allow you to receive notifications, such as theft recovery messages, if your bike has to be moved, etc.

Step – 3: Collect your 529 Shield and install it on the frame of your bicycle

529 Shield template

  • You must bring a printed or electronic copy of your Payment Confirmation email along with a Government-issued or University-issued ID card to your selected Shield pick-up location.
  • Staff at the Shield pick-up location will confirm the payment and your identity, and provide you with a 529 Shield.
  • 529 Shields are tamper-resistant registration stickers with unique IDs. You must attach it to your bicycle’s frame at an easily accessible and visible location.
  • Login to the Project 529 Garage website or app, and complete your registration by entering the unique 529 Shield ID. We highly recommend you add pictures of your bicycle and any other information to help the authorities to find your bicycle in case of theft.
  • If you do not see the option to select where to collect your 529 Shield, please contact [email protected] as soon as possible.