The Recruiter-in-Residence (RIR) at the University of Illinois Research Park provides one-on-one assistance to UIRP companies who are scaling their operations through talent acquisition.

Consulting is available for UIRP companies, including corporations, small businesses, EnterpriseWorks tenants, and affiliate members. Growth-stage startups will be prioritized.  

The RIR focuses on helping clients with best practices for sourcing, identifying, and successfully hiring full-time technical talent. 

Consulting services can include following:

  • Technical recruiting advice and strategy suggestions

  • Receiving templates for recruitment strategizing

  • Interview planning

  • Employment brand development

Annual training events will be hosted by the RIR throughout the year.

To receive a consultation, please submit an online request form.

Upcoming Workshops:

Lessons Learned from Six Years as a Tech Recruiter
Wednesday, July 31, 2019
EnterpriseWorks Atrium, 60 Hazelwood Dr, Champaign
12 to 1pm

Sophie Roney will discuss the lessons she has learned while working as a tech recruiter for both well-established companies and startups alike. Sophie's wisdom will be inspiring to all companies, no matter their size and their current hiring plans.


The Recruiter-in-Residence


Sophie Roney

Sophie Roney is a recruiter, talent acquisition consultant, and writer for ERE. She spent the majority of her career in the technology and agriculture industries, specializing in engineering and product in-house recruitment. Outside of work, Sophie teaches yoga, makes celery juice, and practices Spanish to prepare for her next trip to South America.