Petronics Exhibits "Electronic Wizardry" and Wins Big

June 27, 2018
Category: Enterpriseworks
mousr petronics enterpriseworks

Success isn’t a cat-and-mouse game for Petronics. The innovative startup’s premier device Mousr won big at the Global Pet Expo 2018 with the Best in Show award for new cat toys.

Mousr combines artificial intelligence with pet playtime by simulating a mouse for cats to chase. It has two modes: manual, where the cat-owner controls the device from their iOS or android device, and auto, when the device allows AI to take the controls. Mousr uses its sensory technology to adapt to any terrain it is put on, alter its speed, and predict what your cat’s next move will be.

David Jun, Michael Friedman, and Dave Cohen founded Petronics in 2014 in the hopes of finding creative solutions for owners to bond with and entertain their pets. They have been at Research Park’s incubator Enterpriseworks since 2015. Mousr, which has already sold out twice, is now on its third round of pre-orders. You can read all about the product on BuiltInChicago or Pet Business, or visit their website.