SBIR Technical Assistance Program

SBIR Technical Assistance Program

EnterpriseWorks offers SBIR and STTR technical assistance and counseling through the support of the EDA funded East Central Illinois University Center. The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs provide qualified small businesses, with opportunities to propose innovative projects that meet specific federal needs. These programs offer more than $2 billion dollars annually to support the research and development of technology by small businesses across the nation. Federal agencies set aside a portion of their extramural R&D budget to be awarded to small businesses.  Entrepreneurs can get anywhere from $150,000 to $1 million in capital to determine a technology’s feasibility and develop a prototype. It’s a good deal from the U.S. government. Not only don’t entrepreneurs have to repay the money as long as they meet the terms of the funding, but they also don’t give up any ownership of the company.  And, when it comes to actually winning funding, entrepreneurs are 100 to 200 times more likely to get an SBIR grant than venture money.

The EnterprsieWorks SBIR technical assistance program encourages entrepreneurs to apply for federal grants. We offer free guidance to small businesses interested in submitting proposals to participating agencies in response to agency solicitations. We also offer training two times a year on the overall SBIR and STTR program and shorter workshops with specific topic areas pertaining to SBIR funding. Let us help you become familiar with SBIR funding, search solicitations, learn best practices for applications, talk with program managers for input, draft a budget, write a commercialization plan, or execute an award agreement.Its a free service to help entrepreneurs in East Central Illinois that are potential awardees for SBIR and STTR funding.

Training presentation about SBIR and STTR funding, budgeting, and grant writing tips by Dave Kellner.

About Dave Kellner, Cogent Innovations

EnterpriseWorks has contracted Dave Kellner from Cogent Innovations to provide assistance to entrepreneurs with SBIR funding. Dave is the CEO of Cogent Innovations and through this organization is acting as the V.P. of Development for Nanofab3D, and V.P. of Development for Autonomous Innovations. Dave has also helped several local start-ups to secure Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) funding including Intelliwheels, and Serionix. Dave has secured funding from sources including USAF, USMC, Army, EPA, NIH, NSF, DOT, Indiana DHS, and DOE. He has managed all aspects of these programs from technical work, to reporting and invoicing to Phase II applications, and auditing. He previously served as the CEO for Caviton, and as V.P. of Engineering for ANDalyze. At ANDalyze Dave was an inventor on two patents, and developed an instrument from concept to production to international sales.

Dave is a seasoned entrepreneur, start-up company executive and consultant. He is experienced at forming companies based on scientific research conducted at universities as well as in the private sector. He has fourteen years experience negotiating licenses and securing/managing over $3.7M in government and corporate grants and contracts. He has a history of taking a technology from the lab to market. He is also a veteran at working with venture capitalists and angels. He is also an accomplished public speaker on technology development and business growth.

Dave's specialities include:

Project Management – Product Development – Prototype Development – Grant Writing & Management – Financial Management & Reporting – Contract Negotiations – Budget Planning & Control – Relationship Building – Feasibility Studies – Competitive Bidding Processes – Quality Assurance – Compliance Business Consultation – Presentations – HR Recruitment, Training & Supervision – Purchasing

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