American Supply Association D.Next

1800 S. Oak St. Champaign, IL

The D.Next research and innovation lab is focused on the distribution portion of the value chain that provides our homes, workplaces, and municipalities with the pipes, valves, ducting, and fixtures we rely upon to supply clean water, filtered air, energy and sanitation in our homes and communities. Using human-centered design, rapid ideation, primary & secondary research, and prototyping, D.Next teams may explore the roles, practices, perceptions, trends, and technologies that power today’s supply chain as well as develop solutions to re-architect or retire operating models or to transform interactions from transactional to experiential. The American Supply Association is the national industry trade association representing distributors and their manufacturers serving the plumbing-heating-cooling-piping(PHCP) & pipe-valve-fitting(PVF) channel.



Student talks to an ASA Dnext representative
Research Park career Fair
on Tuesday, March 10, 2020.