Program Coordinator
Phone : (217) 300-0908

Desiree Clayton









Desiree executes economic development projects and leads economic development research. Through collection and analysis of data from activities and programs within Research Park and EnterpriseWorks, she curates the knowledge of Research Park operations for reporting and storytelling She joined the EnterpriseWorks team as Program Coordinator in May 2019. With her, she brought her experience from the private sector, where she has developed marketing departments, served as a business consultant for small business owners, and spearheaded team and community involvement initiatives. Desiree completed a MBA degree from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, with a specialization in project management. She also holds a BS in Applied Communication Studies and a BS in Mass Communications with specializations in public relations and advertising.

In her free time, Desiree dedicates time to her community, spends time with her family, and enjoys time outdoors. She is an avid learner, so she also enjoys reading industry-related books and articles.