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Research Park Development

Research Park Development

Research Park is always evolving to provide a space for entrepreneurs, experienced professionals, and even students to further develop the innovations to lead the technology industry.

Research Park Employment

Research Park Employment

As one of the largest employers in Champaign County, thousands and hundreds of employees/students advance their careers here.

Workshops, Training, and Events at the Research Park

Workshops, Trainings, Events

From monthly social events to hosting annual agtech conventions with recognized companies, the diversity of events here never fails. There is always an event for every entrepreneur, student, and even family. Check out our calendar to stay updated with events. 

Startup Activity

Start Up Activity

Without the ambition and creativity of the tenants in the incubator, Research Park would not be able to reach the accomplishment and recognition today. Several companies originated at Research Park and have gone to succeed after graduation.

Composition of EnterpriseWorks Incubator Tenants


The tenants at the incubator consist of both professionals and students from the University of Illinois supporting the entrepreneurial spirit regardless of experience in the field. 

Location of Graduated Startup Companies

Location of Graduated Startup Companies


Many graduates of Research Park successfully expand their companies both inside and outside of Illinois. Some graduates of the incubator are often recognized by large news outlets and top-notch tech companies.

Funding Raised By EnterpriseWorks Companies

Research Park Funding

Impressively, the startup companies were able to obtain over millions of dollars in venture capital funding. The University of Illinois is one of the top-ranked places for entrepreneurs to obtain large amounts of venture funding.

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